Learn how to make your pregnancy and birth and act of worship and a trust in Allah!

Evidence Based

Accurate and balanced information about birth


Builds self-awareness & confidence


Inspired by Islamic principles and beliefs

A major part of childbirth preparation for a mum of three

The spiritual connections that are made in these videos are amazing. Being a Muslim, you get to see the larger picture of life and beyond and how birthing and motherhood are connected to them. Being a mum of three, I thought I knew all that I needed to about birthing and hence took my time to be sure if I wanted to join this course but once the course began, I realised I would have missed a major part of preparing for childbirth and motherhood if I had decided otherwise.

Umm Husna

Blessed Start Student

Homebirth after 4 caesareans

I believed in my body to birth after this course, placing my entire trust in the Hands of Allah. AlhamduliLlah had a successful homebirth after 4 caesareans. The course is informative and prepares women for birth. It’s empowering to know the facts before facing the big day.

Mubina C.

Blessed Start Student

An eye-opening course

The course was indeed an eye-opener, and I feel that a significant knowledge gap leads many mothers to a traumatic birth experience. After taking this course, I feel empowered and confident that I can make informed decisions while surrendering to Allah’s will, making my birth experience beautiful and memorable for my partner and me.

Hadiqa S.

Blessed Start Student

Restored my self-confidence

AMANI Birth is a power-packed educational course that has cleared so many ambiguities regarding the birth process and has restored my self-confidence, alhamduliLlah. I am astonished at the miracles of the female body allowing it to give birth.

Mubashara W.

Blessed Start Student

More value than the money paid

It’s a very informative, well-researched course, much more value than the money paid for it.

Mahum J.

Blessed Start Student

This course far surpassed others

I thought I had a good scope of pregnancy, labor, and birth through my personal experiences and those I shared with other women. However, when I took this course it opened my eyes to things I never considered. I didn’t know that I could decline IVs, or birth upright for that matter. This course gave me the GREEN LIGHT to fully birth under my terms given a healthy pregnancy. I have taken other pregnancy courses in the hospital setting, and this course by far surpassed the others. In today’s birth culture, we need to return back to Pregnant Momma-centered care. AlhamduliLlah. Fortunately, this course is unapologetically Pregnant Momma-centered. I highly recommend this course be taken by all expectant Moms and Dads.

Takiyyah L.

Blessed Start Student

Learned so much during my 6th pregnancy

The Blessed Start course is a complete and ultimate resource you need to have for your childbirth and postpartum education. I took the course during my 6th pregnancy and learned so much, subhanAllah. I never thought I would benefit this much from the course. The live sessions were a wonderful way of bonding with others going through the same things as me and sharing our struggles with each other, mashaAllah. I felt heard, empowered, and confident, alhumduliLlah.

Huda H.

Blessed Start Student

A life changing course

What an amazing journey I had. Coming into this course, I didn’t know I was signing up for a life-changing course. It totally changed my perspective. Coming from a medical background these things never occurred to me, never gave a thought that even before medical advancements people had normal healthy births. Then why do we need interventions now? We need to pause and think about the choices we make because they have long-lasting effects on us and our surroundings. May Allah ta’alaa reward everyone who is behind this khair.

Rahima F.

Blessed Start Student

A whole new world of info, even for a doctor

Had a wonderful experience, alhamdulillah. It was a whole new world of info for me. Being a doctor, I would say the medical field has hypnotized everyone even med professionals into believing there are no other possible safe ways other than the medical ways of birthing. The fear is too much even if one thinks of going for the old traditional way of birthing. This I would say is not just bad but criminal. Playing with people’s lives and health at a global level. It’s a shame seriously.

Dr Quratulain

Blessed Start Student

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