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Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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Thanks for your interest in our Marketing Affiliate Referral Program! Insha’Allah, by referring others to purchase products from our online store, you will be able to earn 10% of sales made through your referrals.

Please find details below about the qualifying products, how to register, how to access your affiliate dashboard, and where to find your referral link.

Products & Sales

Sales of these products count towards your referral reward payout:

  • Tickets for online summits
  • Online courses and workshops 
  • All downloadable items (such as the Mini Prep Bundle and the Ultimate Islamic Birth Preparation Set)

(Please note that the AMANI Birth books that are sold through an external link, such as Amazon and Flipsnack, do not count towards referral sales, because payments made on external websites cannot be tracked at this time.)

At the end of each month, your total payout will be calculated and payment will be made to you within 60 days, insha’Allah.

The amount of your total payout will be based on the actual sales made through your affiliate link, which are referred to as “conversions.”

The more you share and promote, the more you can earn, insha’Allah!

How to Register

It’s easy to sign up! All affiliates have to be registered as members of this website. Just click on the appropriate button below and submit the form.

If you do not yet have an account, or want to register a new email address for the affiliate program, click here:

If you already have an account that you want to register for the affiliate program, please log in first, then register here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s optimal that you use the same email address that you want to receive payment on to register as your affiliate account. This will make the payout process more efficient, insha’Allah. For your first payout, we will contact you directly by email to confirm the method of payment.

How to Access Your Dashboard

Once you’ve signed up, for new accounts you may need to log into the website if you haven’t already. For those registering existing accounts, you should already be logged in.

On a computer: You can access your Affiliate Dashboard by hovering over the the profile icon in the menu to activate the drop down, and then selecting “Affiliate Dashboard.”

On a mobile device: You tap on the three lines a the top corner of the page to drop down the main menu, then you tap on the toggle next to the profile icon to drop down a secondary menu and tap on “Affiliate Dashboard.”

The Affiliate Dashboard looks like this:

Under the “Reports” tab you can view a summary of your referrals, including your sales, commission, clicks, and conversions. You can also see which products were sold and the names of the customers who purchased them. In the example shown, the affiliate’s URL has been clicked once and generated $0.08 in sales, resulting in $0.01 commission. 

If you’d like to view a specific date range, you can click on the “From” and “To” buttons on the upper right corner of the dashboard and select specific starting and end dates.

Where to Get Your Referral Link

On the dashboard, click on the “Profile” tab to find your unique referral URL to share on all of your social media networks. By using cookies linked to your referral ID, the system will automatically track your referral clicks and sales, insha’Allah.

The affiliate profile page looks like this:

Your default referral identifier is your account ID on the website, but you can change it to anything you want. Just click on the arrows next to the ID number and enter your new identifier. 

Make sure to hit “Save” so that your account is updated. Your URL should change immediately.

The default referral URL links to the AMANI Birth Online home page at; however, if you want to link directly to a another page, you can use the Referral URL Generator by entering the target path of the page URL to generate the a URL with your referral ID attached.

For example, the URL for the AMANI Birth Arabic Online Summit landing page is:

To generate the referral URL, you can cut and paste everything in this URL after into the box. In this case, the target path would be nadwah/.

You would then get the correct referral URL, as shown below.

Alternatively, you can copy the code at the end of your referral URL from the question mark onward and tag it onto the end of any website URL.

For example, in the above example, the affiliate whose referral ID is 1 would tag ?ref=1 after any website URL to turn it into a referral URL. Here is the Blessed Start Online Childbirth Education Course landing page with the example affiliate’s referral code tagged on:

Please double check that your referral ID is correct on your referral URLs before sharing!


The AMANI Birth Team often sends out various fliers/images at different stages of marketing events, courses, or products. You can share the images and text that our team puts out or personalize your posts to whatever you think will suit your audience.

You can also screenshot website pages or product images and descriptions to use as your images for marketing.

Your referral marketing should NOT be posted on any official AMANI social media groups as our team will be posting on these groups. They should be posted to your own business or personal social media networks or groups to refer your friends and followers.

Updates & Contact

Please bookmark this page for any changes or updates and feel free to get in touch at if you have any questions or feedback!

Thank you &
may Allah bless your efforts!

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