‚úď Convenient¬† ¬†‚úď Comprehensive¬† ¬†‚úď Islamic-Based

A major part of childbirth preparation for a mum of three

The spiritual connections that are made in these videos are amazing. Being a Muslim, you get to see the larger picture of life and beyond and how birthing and motherhood are connected to them. Being a mum of three, I thought I knew all that I needed to about birthing and hence took my time to be sure if I wanted to join this course but once the course began, I realised I would have missed a major part of preparing for childbirth and motherhood if I had decided otherwise.

Umm Husna

Blessed Start Student

Homebirth after 4 caesareans

I believed in my body to birth after this course, placing my entire trust in the Hands of Allah. AlhamduliLlah had a successful homebirth after 4 caesareans. The course is informative and prepares women for birth. It’s empowering to know the facts before facing the big day.

Mubina C.

Blessed Start Student

An eye-opening course

The course was indeed an eye-opener, and I feel that a significant knowledge gap leads many mothers to a traumatic birth experience. After taking this course, I feel empowered and confident that I can make informed decisions while surrendering to Allah’s will, making my birth experience beautiful and memorable for my partner and me.

Hadiqa S.

Blessed Start Student

Restored my self-confidence

AMANI Birth is a power-packed educational course that has cleared so many ambiguities regarding the birth process and has restored my self-confidence, alhamduliLlah. I am astonished at the miracles of the female body allowing it to give birth.

Mubashara W.

Blessed Start Student

More value than the money paid

It’s a very informative, well-researched course, much more value than the money paid for it.

Mahum J.

Blessed Start Student

This course far surpassed others

I thought I had a good scope of pregnancy, labor, and birth through my personal experiences and those I shared with other women. However, when I took this course it opened my eyes to things I never considered. I didn’t know that I could decline IVs, or birth upright for that matter. This course gave me the GREEN LIGHT to fully birth under my terms given a healthy pregnancy. I have taken other pregnancy courses in the hospital setting, and this course by far surpassed the others. In today’s birth culture, we need to return back to Pregnant Momma-centered care. AlhamduliLlah. Fortunately, this course is unapologetically Pregnant Momma-centered. I highly recommend this course be taken by all expectant Moms and Dads.

Takiyyah L.

Blessed Start Student

Learned so much during my 6th pregnancy

The Blessed Start course is a complete and ultimate resource you need to have for your childbirth and postpartum education. I took the course during my 6th pregnancy and learned so much, subhanAllah. I never thought I would benefit this much from the course. The live sessions were a wonderful way of bonding with others going through the same things as me and sharing our struggles with each other, mashaAllah. I felt heard, empowered, and confident, alhumduliLlah.

Huda H.

Blessed Start Student

A life changing course

What an amazing journey I had. Coming into this course, I didn’t know I was signing up for a life-changing course. It totally changed my perspective. Coming from a medical background these things never occurred to me, never gave a thought that even before medical advancements people had normal healthy births. Then why do we need interventions now? We need to pause and think about the choices we make because they have long-lasting effects on us and our surroundings. May Allah ta’alaa reward everyone who is behind this khair.

Rahima F.

Blessed Start Student

A whole new world of info, even for a doctor

Had a wonderful experience, alhamdulillah. It was a whole new world of info for me. Being a doctor, I would say the medical field has hypnotized everyone even med professionals into believing there are no other possible safe ways other than the medical ways of birthing. The fear is too much even if one thinks of going for the old traditional way of birthing. This I would say is not just bad but criminal. Playing with people’s lives and health at a global level. It’s a shame seriously.

Dr Quratulain

Blessed Start Student


Learn How to Make Your Birth a Sacred Act of Worship

In AMANI Birth’s Blessed Start Course, you will get more than¬†evidence-based information and comprehensive education about pregnancy and birth, you will prepare mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for this incredibly significant life event, as someone Our Creator¬†Allah (SWT) has beautifully designed to carry, birth, and feed your baby.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

During your AMANI Birth childbirth education journey, you will feel empowered and build confidence, insha’Allah, so that you can make informed decisions during pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenthood, rather than passively accept unnecessary routine procedures. Knowledge is power and preparation is key!

Enjoy Your Status as a Mother

In Islam, becoming a mother is the most revered status a woman can have. AMANI Birth seeks to highlight that respect and honor for the mother’s role especially during her most vulnerable moments. Her birth team should be carefully selected and trained to support her birth plan and wishes. Part of this process involves having a partner who knows how to advocate and protect the mother when needed. In the AMANI Birth’s Blessed Start Course, we make sure to include the husband as the key person who can be the mother’s advocate during labor and birth, especially in those moments when she might not be able to speak for herself.

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Same as Self-Paced, plus:

What You'll Get

You’ll have an empowered birth experience. For most mothers, this means feeling confident and ready when the big day comes, insha’Allah. You’ll have taken all the means possible to prepare for birth and will have selected care providers who respect your wishes and honor your role as the mother, insha’Allah. You’ll know how to try your best for natural birth and minimize interventions as much as possible, based on your unique situation.

You’ll get your questions answered.¬†AMANI Birth’s Blessed Start Course¬†is evidence-based and all content is reviewed by a Certified Professional Midwife and Doula. You won’t be left guessing what’s best for you and your baby. You will gain the skills to make informed decisions when faced with options.

You’ll be supported. Preparing for birth is a lot easier when you have a supportive group cheering you on! You’ll get to be part of a growing community of AMANI Birth parents who can get advice and support from each other and from AMANI Certified Childbirth Educators and Doulas.

You can share with your partner. The format makes it easy to review specific topics with your husband or other support person so you can learn together and discuss key takeaways. The content and exercises can serve as a means to have a productive dialogue about your needs, priorities, and plans.

You’ll have fun! No long, boring lectures here. Our course is made mostly of short, topic-based videos that use images and animations to make the content engaging.

You can watch anywhere. Our course can stream from your phone, tablet, or computer wherever you have an internet connection. You can pause and start again where you left off whenever it’s convenient for you.

You can connect¬†with Islam. The¬†AMANI Birth’s Blessed Start Course is open to families of all faiths, however, founded in Islamic principles. No¬†where else will you find such a beautiful link between¬†science and deen (religion) when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.¬†Enjoy your journey with highlights from Qur’an, hadeeth and sunnah¬†(teachings of Islam) and discover the miracles of the childbearing journey waiting for you in Islam.¬†

Here's Our Course Overview

In the AMANI Birth¬†Blessed Start Course, we’ll walk you through preparing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for your birth over 20 modules, insha’Allah. The standard study plan is to cover two modules per week over 10 weeks according to a schedule which has been carefully planned to build your knowledge gradually without being overwhelmed. When you enroll, you’ll get immediate access and can choose to complete the modules according to the recommended schedule–or at whatever pace works for you, insha’Allah.

Meet the Creator & Founder of AMANI Birth

Aisha Al Hajjar, MSM, CPM

Assalaamu’alaikum! I’m Aisha Al Hajjar, founder of AMANI Birth, author of the AMANI Birth book and the AMANI Birth Quick Guide for Fathers, and the creator of the Blessed Start curriculum. AlhamduliLlah, I have a master’s degree in midwifery, I’m a Certified Professional Midwife and Doula, and I’ve given birth eight times naturally myself. I was concerned about the lack of information and knowledge about natural birth in Muslim communities and set out to create a childbirth education program that was not only evidence-based but respectful of Islamic values. I’ve trained over 1000 childbirth educators and doulas based on the AMANI Birth philosophy since 2012, while attending numerous mothers in birth along the way. My vision is for all mothers to be able to have an AMANI birth, where their wishes are respected and their role as a mother is honored.

Meet the AMANI Birth Director of Online Learning

Muna Quach, EdM, CHC, AMANI

Assalaamu’alaikum! I’m Muna Quach, mother of four, AMANI Birth Director of Online Learning, an AMANI Birth Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, and a student midwife. I am also a certified pregnancy health coach and have a master of education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, alhamduliLlah. I have been providing mentoring and coaching to women and girls for over 20 years, including childbirth education and health coaching for families since 2017.¬† I’m passionate about facilitating transformative and relevant educational experiences for mothers, so they can feel empowered when making choices and also give themselves the attention, care, and love they deserve. I look forward to supporting you and getting your feedback as you prepare for a Blessed Start in life for you and your baby, insha’Allah!

Meet the Blessed Start Online Facilitators

All of our online facilitators are AMANI-certified Childbirth Educators who not only have been trained to teach parents about pregnancy and birth, but also bring their unique experiences and personalities to their online sessions. We have facilitators all around the globe ready to help you plan and prepare for an empowering birth experience, insha’Allah.


Here are some answers to common questions about the course.

The  ideal schedule is to complete 2 modules every week over 10 weeks with support from an AMANI-certified course facilitator through live sessions and a chat group. However, you are free to complete all of the modules online at your own pace (whether faster or slower than 10 weeks).

With short videos that deliver engaging topics every mom needs to know,  you can expect to spend about 1 to 2 hours per week watching the videos at your own pace and doing the corresponding activities. If you select the facilitated course, you can also expect to spend about 1 to 1.5 hours or longer per week for discussion and Q&A in a live session with your course facilitator.


We currently accept a one-time payment by debit/credit card or PayPal worldwide (where available).

You will have one year from the time you enroll to access the pre-recorded course content.

Of course! We highly encourage expectant fathers to watch alongside their wives. AlhamduliLlah, the AMANI Birth Blessed Start course is designed to be informative for mothers and their husbands, as well as any family members or support persons they want to have preparing alongside them for their upcoming birth.

Absolutely! Every pregnancy and birth journey is unique. The¬†AMANI Birth¬†Blessed Start course will¬†give you information you never had before and you will prepare for the most natural birth experience possible, insha’Allah. Whether it’s your first birth journey or 10th, this course is for you!¬†

If you plan to birth at a hospital, it’s actually even more important that you take this course. You will gain knowledge, practical information, and various tools to help you get through labor and birth in any setting while making informed decisions and being aware of the importance of self advocacy for the birthing mother. Your husband or other birth partners will also be well-prepared to support you and together you will experience the most empowering event of your lives!

Yes, insha’Allah, you’ll learn how to tune into your body and practice various comfort measures you can use to help you relax and get through those toughest moments in labor. It’s especially important to have your support partner prepare and practice with you so they’ll be ready to help when the big event arrives.

***Please note: AMANI Birth encourages planned home births only with the care and assistance of a midwife or other qualified medical care provider. Supporting mothers to birth at home unassisted is not within the scope of practice of AMANI Birth certified doulas.

Yes! The course starts out with supporting mother’s needs in pregnancy and moves on to nutrition and exercise that will benefit all mothers, regardless of the mode of delivery. As you advance through the course you will be able to work and prepare for a natural birth this time around, insha’Allah, as you will learn relevant strategies and tools to prepare for your birth experience. Learning how to self-advocate and choose a supportive care provider are key aspects relevant to VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) mothers. Even if you do end by repeat cesarean, you will do so with knowledge that helps you maintain control of your journey with an understanding of the decisions to be made. At AMANI Birth we truly feel that a C-section can also be an empowering experience with proper knowledge and support.¬†

Definitely! We believe this valuable content should be available to mothers around the globe!

For now, the Blessed Start Course is available in English and Arabic, but we’re working hard to get the content translated into other languages (including Indonesian, Urdu, Bengali, and French), so mothers who speak other languages can benefit, too.

We also offer price points commensurate with the economic status of varied countries around the world. 

There are no prerequisites but we highly recommend mothers to read the AMANI Birth book and fathers to read the AMANI Birth Quick Guide for Fathers to enhance their learning experience. Both are available on our online store.

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