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Assalaamu’alaikum / Peace Be Upon You,

Welcome to the Blessed Start Childbirth Education Course! 

This is the first session and pilot run for the complete Blessed Start program, which includes all 20 modules from five series (Assisting, Mothers, Active, Natural, and Instinctive) scheduled over 10 weeks, with a weekly live session facilitated by an AMANI Birth certified childbirth educator.

Please note that you must complete the Blessed Start Free Introductory Module before registering for this course insha’Allah.

Course Details

Start Date: May 30, 2020

Last Day to Enroll: June 5, 2020

Course Facilitator: Muna Quach, Ed.M., CHC, AMANI

Live Session: Saturdays at 10 am New York | 3 pm London | 5 pm Riyadh | Get Your Time

Blessed Start Course Overview

Week One

Mother's Needs in Pregnancy
Pregnancy Exercise

Week Two

Physiology of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Nutrition

Week Three

The Purpose of Labor
Stages of Labor

Week Four

The Role of Hormones
Mother's Needs in Labor and Birth

Week Five

Overview of Labor and Birth
Working with Your Body

Week Six

Protecting Your Birth Environment

Week Seven

Birth Team Roles
Birthing Positions

Week Eight

Minimizing Medical Interventions

Week Nine

Making the Birth Plan
Labor Practice

Week Ten

After Birth Care
Breastfeeding and Baby Care