AMANI Birth Childbirth Educator & Doula Training

Become an AMANI Birth Childbirth Educator and/or Doula!
Are you passionate about natural birth? Would you like to learn more about how you can help empower expectant parents during the special time of pregnancy and birth? Would you like to earn an income working from home? Register today!

Training Program Overview
Your AMANI Birth training journey consists of 10 steps:
1. Complete and submit the application for training online.
2. Upon acceptance you will receive an email invitation to our learning management system. You will need to complete the Welcome assignment, which takes literally 1 minute to do and sets you up for your training journey.
3. Confirm enrollment in the workshop group of your choice and pay fees, which will be sent to you by email upon receipt of your registration application (prices are on a sliding scale for varied countries based on socio-economic standing and vary depending if your workshop is online or in-person.)
4. Complete pre-workshop video intro assignments prior to the first live session. These take about 1 hour to complete.
5. Attend ten 3-hour live sessions (conducted once weekly for ten consecutive weeks–some cohorts finish in 9 sessions, others take 11, dependent upon speed of the group) and keep up with online homework assigned in each live session in order to progress to the next week’s live session. Attendance at all live sessions is required. There are recordings provided as a courtesy, but they do not replace live attendance at all sessions. Alternately, if your class is an in-person workshop, attend all sessions as scheduled (schedules vary per group, but likely will be three to five 6-8 hour days, depending upon location.)
6. Complete the online prerequisite assignments in our learning management system (submit your birth stories, read the AMANI Birth book and two other natural birth books of your choice and a breastfeeding book of your choice). [NOTE: It is advisable to complete as much of these assignments ahead of the workshop as possible; however, you will be given up to six months after the workshop to complete them if needed.] 7. Submit online self-evaluations of one series of classes (for Childbirth Educators) on our learning management system.
8. Submit an online self-evaluation for one doula birth (for Doulas) on our learning management system.
9. Complete a four-part online exam on our learning management system at the end of the training period. This includes vocabulary, completing a list of references in your birth community (research and explore the services in your community), self-reflective short-answer essay, and knowledge questions (mix of multiple choice and short-answer essay). You will have 30 days to complete the exam and it is open book (we don’t expect you to know it all, but we do expect you to be able to find the answers).
10. Submit the annual certification fee of $50 USD and become listed on our Teacher/Doula Directory.

For more information and FAQs, visit our Teacher/Doula Training page.

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